Wood Badge



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COMPLETED:  In progress


Do eight of the following, including the italicized requirements:

  1. Make a design for chip carving and apply it to some article of wood, such as a box, tray, book cover.
  2. Make a birdhouse, feeding station, home for your pet, or some other article of wood that will provide comfort for some of your bird or animal friends.
  3. Make something out of wood that would be useful in some of the activities in which you are interested, such as models, sports equipment, tools, or articles for the home.
  4. Make a design suitable for carving in relief and apply it to some article of wood.
  5. Make a clay model or a drawing suitable for carving in the round and carve it in wood.
  6. Know about the tools needed for two types of woodwork, their use and care. Know where to obtain tools, supplies, and equipment.
  7. Show that you know how to handle and use the following: saw, ax, vise, chisel, chip-carving knife, whittling knife, oilstone, hammer, plane, emery wheel, sandpaper, miter box, gouge.
  8. Make some simple carpentered article for your room, such as a footstool, bookshelf, or window box.
  9. Consult some good books on woods, woodworking, and wood carving. List the different skills and crafts that have developed through the use of wood, such as carpentry, cabinet-work, wood carving. Check those that would interest Girl Scouts.
  10. Visit a wood carver, a cooper, a cabinetmaker, a furniture factory, a lumber yard, or a carpenter shop. Find out as much as you can about the work.
  11. Visit museums, shops, private homes, religious and public buildings to look for examples of wood carving, such as carved figures, cuckoo clocks, choir stalls, doors, wainscoting. Sketch details in your notebook.
  12. With your troop, assemble an exhibit of carved wood objects.
  13. Be able to identify five or more woods and their uses. Study color, grain, quality. Know where they grow, the characteristics of the trees, what makes the grain, and which are soft and which hard.
  14. Start a collection of simple wood carvings.
  15. Carve from wood and finish a set of buttons, a buckle, a pin, pair of earrings, a letter opener, a fork, or a spoon.

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