Winter Sports Badge



COMPLETED: In progress


Do nine of the following, including the italicized requirement:

  1. Show proficiency in one of the following: (a) Showshoeing: lay a cross-country trail that can be followed by members of your troop or your friends. (b) Skiing: simple downhill running, cross-country running, climbing, snowplow, snowplow turn, and kick turn. (c) Skating: learn how to hold each edge, inside and out, forward and back for a big half circle or longer before you put your other foot down. Learn to stop and start quickly. Practice stroking to music. 
  2. Take part at least three times in three of the following: coasting or bobsledding; tobogganing; sleighing; ice and snow games; tracking and trailing in snow.
  3. Demonstrate to your troop, either by a fashion show or by pictures, proper clothing for winter sports. Explain in detail the care of wet clothing.
  4. Make some article of clothing appropriate for winter sports that you can use.
  5. Discuss with your troop how accidents in winter sports can be avoided. Explain how to avoid injuries that might occur, such as snow-blindness, sunburn, frostbite, chilblains, bruises, sprains, and so forth.
  6. Read one book about Arctic explorers, Eskimos, or other people who are snowbound for many months of the year. Or, read one book featuring some aspect of winter sports.
  7. Make a collection of poems and songs about snow, ice, and winter activities. Or, make a collection of pictures of snow scenes and winter sports in the United States and in other countries, to be used for display purposes at a troop meeting.
  8. Skating: know how to care for your skates. Explain the rules regarding ice safety and ice rescue.
  9. Skiing: know how to select and care for your own skis and poles. Explain the safety precautions for skiing, skiing etiquette, and how to select a place to practice.
  10. Look up the rules governing skiing competitions and learn the points on which competitors are judged. Learn the names of four or five well known skiiers, and report what competitions they have won, length of jumps, and so forth. Or learn what you can about the National Ski Patrol.
  11. Study the evolution and development of snowshoes, skis, and skates. Be able to tell by what people and in what countries they are most commonly used.
  12. Learn three games or activities that are fun to do on ice or in the snow. Play them with your troop or friends. 
  13. Participate in an ice or snow carnival or competition. Or, plan for your friends an afternoon of fun out-of-doors in the winter.
  14. Make several snow figures or build a snow hut.
  15. Learn to recognize tracks of different birds and mammals in snow. Learn how these birds and mammals find food and shelter in winter.
  16. Lay a cross-country trail through the snow, using tracks or other trail signs appropriate to winter, or follow one made by an animal or human being. These trails may be laid or followed on snowshoes or skis, as well as on foot.


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  2. […] also means that it’s been nearly impossible for me to squeeze out the requirements for the Winter Sports badge…well, until a few weekends ago, that is! As part of the fantastic Sierra Club […]

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