Wild Plant Badge


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COMPLETED:  In Progress


Do ten of the following, including the italicized requirement:

  1. Identify, out-of-doors, thirty wild plants.Do the rest of the activities in connection with these plants.
  2. Find as many different kinds of seeds as you can and notice how some are prepared to travel. Plant some of these seeds and watch them grow.
  3. Learn what organizations in your community are working for the protection of wild plants, and do something to help.
  4. Photograph or sketch some wild plants. Or, make some craft object using some part of a plant in the design.
  5. On a map of the United States, indicate the states in which five of the plants you have chosen grow wild.
  6. Be able to recognize at any season of the year the following plants, if they grow in your part of the country: poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac and poison wood (Florida). Know how to protect yourself agains them and what to do for such poisoning.
  7. Know what edible wild plants and fruits grow in your section and how to prepare one of them to eat.
  8. Know the uses of three plants for dyes or medicines.
  9. Keep a troop chart of the wild plants you find. Include the name of the plant, who first saw it in bloom, the date, the place.
  10. Learn the proper way to cut common flowers and care for them. Show ways to arrange flowers, seed pods, or bare twigs for home decoration. Use only the common plants.
  11. Fill a terrarium, and show that you understand how to keep the plants in good, healthy condition. Use only common plants.
  12. Take a trip to the grounds or estate of someone who has a wild-plant garden. Learn something about the transplanting and growing of wild plants. Try growing one or more for yourself.
  13. Visit a botanical garden to see the wild plants uncommon or unknown in your section.
  14. Make a list of the plant and animal life in an area a yard square.
  15. Find at least three relatives of wild plants in your local flower shops, greenhouses, or gardens.
  16. Find one wild plant that opens and one that closes after dark.

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