Truck Gardener Badge


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COMPLETED:  In progress


Do ten of the following, including the italicized requirements:

  1. Know what is meant by truck garden; find one in your community to work in for at least fifty hours; or, observe one over a period of three of the growing months. Do the rest of the activities in relation to six vegetables grown there. 
  2. Learn how to plant seeds and transplant seedlings.
  3. Be able to recognize and describe some of the machines used on truck farms for preparing the ground, planting, spraying, and harvesting.
  4. Know the insect pests and plant diseases that trouble your six vegetables and know the controls for them.
  5. Know the approximate retail market “in season” and “out of season” cost of your six vegetables.
  6. Know the type of soil, amount of water, and cultivation methods, including mulch and fertilizers, for your six vegetables.
  7. Know the harvesting method for your vegetables and the way they are prepared for market.
  8. Know the work of the honeybee in a truck garden.
  9. Know the uses and differences between a cold frame and a hot bed.
  10. Know the value of earthworms, beneficial insects, toads, and some of the snakes in a truck garden.
  11. Be able to describe one method of irrigation or watering.
  12. Know the best method of home preservation for your vegetables.
  13. Know how to prepare your vegetables for the table.
  14. Know the country from which your vegetables originated.
  15. Know what migratory labor is, how much it is paid, how the pay is established, and how it is housed in your community.
  16. Use some of the information you have learned, or produce you have raised, for a troop, school, church or synagogue, or other community service.
  17. Visit and, if possible, take part in your state or county fair.

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