Tree Badge



COMPLETED:  In Progress


Do ten of the following, including the italicized requirement:

  1. Identify, out-of-doors, fifteen trees.
  2. Visit a park, botanical garden, forest, tree nursery, or estate to see the trees that are not native in your section of the country.
  3. Know how to plant and care for a young tree.
  4. Know how to cut properly a branch from a tree and how to care for the wound.
  5. Know some of the local, county, state, and Federal organizations or departments that are interested in forestry. Find something that you or your troop can do to help.
  6. Learn the common causes of forest fires, what can be done to prevent them, and how such fires are handled when they occur.
  7. Gather different kinds of tree seeds and see how many you can succeed in sprouting. Raise at least one plant out-of-doors, and care for it until it can take care of itself.
  8. Know by sight five trees that bear edible fruits and nuts.
  9. Clear an area or cut a trail to demonstrate that you know how to do this and to trim the trees and undergrowth properly.
  10. Show that you know how, where, and when to cut sticks for outdoor cooking, shelter, and crafts.
  11. Know which of your fifteen trees are hardwoods and which are softwoods.
  12. Learn to know some of the insects and plant diseases that harm some or all of the trees you have chosen and how they are being controlled. Learn to know some of the helpful insects.
  13. Locate in your community the kinds of trees and shrubs that attract birds, both as food and nesting sites. Plant some, if possible.
  14. Help to arrange an exhibit in some public place, such as a library or school, of tree leaves, books, pictures, photographs, and things you or your troop have made of wood.
  15. Collect for yourself or help someone to collect good poems about trees.
  16. Learn some interesting and general facts about how trees grow. Learn their value in flood prevention and erosion control.
  17. Record the shape of the leaves of your fifteen trees by making prints, plaster casts, collections, or drawings.
  18. Make something out of wood – something that is not to be painted but finished to show the graining and texture of the wood. Know the kind of wood you use and where it grows.
  19. Photograph, sketch, or paint three of your trees, showing their characteristic shapes.

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