Star Badge


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COMPLETED:  In Progress


Do ten of the following, including the italicized requirements:

  1. Be able to identify, out-of-doors, ten constellations. Make a sketch map of the sky, showing the location of these constellations.
  2. Find the Milky Way; know something about it, and indicate its position on some one day one your sketch map.
  3. Draw the Big Dipper at four different times at least two weeks apart, or four times during the same night. Do this in relation to some object seen on the horizon or to the North Star.
  4. Make a star theatre or other device to help other people learn about stars.
  5. Learn what constellations make up the Zodiac and know their signs.
  6. Visit an observatory to learn what you can about the way the instruments work.
  7. Learn the planets contained in our solar system, and be able to locate at least two of them in the skies.
  8. Find an interesting legend about every constellation you have chosen and tell or dramatize the story of one.
  9. Know how stars are used in navigation.
  10. Know what causes the phases of the moon.
  11. Know what causes an eclipse of the moon and of the sun.
  12. Show that you know what is meant by magnitude and degrees. Find things in the sky to illustrate them.
  13. Take a group of people out-of-doors and show them the six constellations you like best and teach them how to find them.
  14. Plan or help to plan a party, using games and other entertainment based on the subject of stars.
  15. Know what meteors are; when the largest “star showers” appear and why.

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