Rabbit Raiser Badge



COMPLETED: November 13, 2013


Do ten of the following, including the italicized requirements:

  1. Take full care of at least two rabbits for two months.
  2. Know the common causes of poor health and disease among rabbits and know what to do for the following: nasal catarrh, parasitic nasal catarrh, ear canker; tularemia.
  3. Know the age at which rabbits begin to breed and how many litters can be expected in a year, and know what care should be given the doe at kindling time.
  4. Be able to define inbreeding, cross-breeding, and line breeding.
  5. Know the cause and remedy for does that destroy their young.
  6. Know the care that should be given young rabbits until after they are weaned.
  7. Know the care that should be given rabbits (a), during cold weather and (b), during hot weather.
  8. Know the proper way to build, locate, equip, and maintain rabbit hutches in a sanitary condition, and know how to regulate the temperature and ventilation that is needed.
  9. Know the proper feeding for adult rabbits.
  10. Know the proper way to pick up and carry a small rabbit, a medium-sized rabbit, a large rabbit.
  11. Be able to name and describe three different breeds of rabbits.
  12. Make a rough sketch of a rabbit and label the various parts of the body.
  13. Know the habits of wild rabbits and hares found in your vicinity.
  14. Be able to recognize and draw the foot tracks of a rabbit.
  15. Use some of the information you have learned, or produce you have raised, for a troop, school, church or synagogue, or other community service.
  16. Visit and, if possible, take part in your state or county fair.
  17. Know what breeds of rabbits are used for food and how to cook rabbit.

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