Pioneer Badge



COMPLETED:  7/13/14


Do ten of the following, including the italicized requirements:

  1. Explain fully and demonstrate how you would choose a camp site, considering a safe water supply, possible hazards, comfortable living, and the program desired.
  2. Take part in a primitive camping trip of at least two nights to an approved site. Share in planning for food, shelter, housekeeping, and other program activities. Take an active part in carrying out the plans.
  3. Help plan well balanced menus for the trip, with food easy to carry, keep, and prepare. Help buy and pack the food and arrange it in camp for safe keeping.
  4. Roll and tie properly your bedding and other personal equipment for transportation. After arriving in camp, prepare a comfortable sleeping place for yourself, with all personal equipment neatly and conveniently arranged.
  5. List the tools and camping equipment needed by your group. Help assemble, pack, and check the things you have selected before starting and again before returning. Demonstrate your ability to use at least one tool by making something that is needed in camp, such as gadgets, woodpile, trails, or primitive construction.
  6. Tell or dramatize at a campfire or troop meeting a story of the early pioneers of any section of the United States.
  7. Prepare a weather chart and make forecasts before and during your trip, showing how accurately you can predict local weather conditions.
  8. Show that you understand nature conservation in your part of the country by: a) Selecting the right kind of wood for fires and knowing the proper trimming or cutting for construction or trails. b) Picking only common wild plants and fruits where allowed for foods or decoration. c) Giving respectful attention to the homes and families of birds, insets, snakes, and other animals.
  9. Pitch a pup tent, baker or other small tent. Help with construction and care of any one of the following: outdoor stove or fireplace for cooking; temporary shelter of canvas, ponchos, or thatch materials at hand; latrine; cache; incinerator or grease pit; primitive outdoor shower; lashed table.
  10. Prepare a simple dramatization, demonstration, or ceremony showing how primitive people used, created, or carried fire. Explain its importance to mankind.
  11. Demonstrate your ability when it is raining or snowing to build a fire that will burn long enough to prepare hot food. Use only materials that grow in nearby woods or fields.
  12. Help cook and serve at least one meal for your group using one of the following fires: quick hot fire, reflector fire, coals for broiling, ashes for roasting, bean-hole fire, barbecue fire.
  13. Help prepare an evening campfire program based on something connected with your camp site. This may be history or legend concerning the place, the stars overhead, or interesting things around you.
  14. Start a collection of songs, poems, and stories for use in various camp activities, such as campfire, hiking, housekeeping, rest hour.
  15. Make a list of personal equipment needed for troop camping. Decide what can be made from inexpensive materials, and make at least two articles.
  16. Make a list of troop equipment needed for troop camping. Keeping your troop budget in mind, plan the equipment you can make from scrap materials and then determine the cost of the remaining items you will have to buy. Present your plan to the troop, and, if the troop approves, help make or buy this equipment.


  1. […] the lack of verbiage lately, but it seems that working on the Explorer, Trees, Winter Sports, and Pioneer badges requires me to actually be outside doing stuff, rather than inside hunched over a warm […]

  2. […] few months back, I plucked the Pioneer Badge from the Hat O’ Scouty Joy, which gave me incentive to plan a multi-day backpacking trip with […]

  3. […] few months back, I plucked the Pioneer Badge from the Hat O’ Scouty Joy, which gave me incentive to plan a multi-day backpacking trip […]

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