Photography Badge



COMPLETED: September 14, 2013


Do seven of the following, including the italicized requirements:

  1. Take at least two pictures in each of the following groups: (a) Pictures that express one idea: for example, your pet eating, baby sister in the sandbox or crawling upstairs, a tree in bloom or covered with snow, a distant hill. (b) Pictures of things happening in your community: for example, the policeman at his job on the corner; the fireman polishing the engine, drying the hose; the farmer feeding his animals or plowing; a child in her own garden. (c) Pictures of people doing things together: for example, hiking up a trail against the sky, hunting crabs in the sand, folk dancing, sketching, singing, eating lunch, a birthday party.
  2. Take a series of photographs that would serve as a design motif in craft projects.
  3. Develop and print some of your own pictures and learn how to make enlargements.
  4. Know how the different parts of your camera work. Know what happens to the shutter in a time exposure; a snap-shot. Understand the various time-setting, distance-measuring, and light-controlling devices.
  5. Point out on any camera the finder, lens, shutter, bellows, diaphragm opening, focusing scale.
  6. Show how to clean the lens of a camera.
  7. Know the meaning of the following terms: underexposure, out of focus, light-struck, and fogged. Know how to avoid these faults.
  8. Visit your photography dealer to get free publications covering your camera, film, and paper processing.
  9. Know about our foremost American photographers and become familiar with their work. Study the development of photography.
  10. Look for good examples of photography in private homes, shops, public buildings; find good reproductions in books and magazines.
  11. If there is a camera club in your community, visit its exhibits and discuss photography with some of the members. If possible, share in the club’s community activities.
  12. Demonstrate the proper way to clean, cut, and mount finished photographs in an album. Set up a file of your negatives.

One comment

  1. […] month, I did actually learn quite a bit about cameras (in particular, mine) – in line with the badge requirements, I can now wax eloquent about the parts of the camera, how the automatic scene settings correspond […]

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