Minstrel Badge




COMPLETED: August 3, 2013


Do eight of the following, including the three italicized requirements:

  1. Learn and sing with others the following songs, and be able to give sources for them; (a), three American folk songs of different types; (b), three folk songs from other countries; (c), two art songs; (d), two rounds or descants.
  2. Learn to play the accompaniments for one song and one dance for your troop.
  3. With others, learn and take part in three song dances or singing games of which one is American and the other two from other countries.
  4. Teach a folk song, an art song, or a round to your troop.
  5. Tell some interesting facts about the background of a song you learn to sing or lead.
  6. Tell a folk tale or local legend of the type around which folk songs are sometimes built.
  7. Help make and show a shadowgraph based on a song. Lead the song or participate in the singing.
  8. Help produce a folk ballad in dramatized form with action and suitable costuming and staging.
  9. Select the songs that you think are most suitable for various troop occasions, such as the opening or closing of the meeting, ceremonies, a hike.
  10. Plan with others an entertainment based upon the life and work of one great composer, and put it on in your troop meeting or at a campfire.
  11. Read about the minnesingers in Germany, the troubadours in southern France, or the early minstrels in England, and learn a song or two of the kind that they might have sung.
  12. Become a member of a trio, quartet, or chorus that can sing for a troop program or on other Girl Scout occasions.
  13. Find out about the customs, manners, and culture of one particular country, group of people, or section of our own country. Plan with others a party that takes its color and entertainment from some of the things it has contributed to the world, such as its songs, dances, legends, crafts, foods.
  14. Teach songs or lead dances for a group of younger girls.

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