Journalist Badge



COMPLETED: July 31, 2013


Do eight of the following, including the italicized requirements:

  1. Visit a newspaper office and observe the various departments. Learn how news is gathered, including international news, and how newspapers are made.
  2. Help produce a school, camp or troop newspaper. Or, act as troop scribe.
  3. Know the basic principles of writing a news story. Write one based on local events or troop activities.
  4. Know proofreading marks. Read and correct your own copy or proof.
  5. Interview some person in whose ideas you are interested. Write up the interview in newspaper style.
  6. Write a feature story or article on some subject appropriate to your paper.
  7. Write an editorial.
  8. Write a review of a movie or play you have seen or a book you have read. Make the form of your review similar to those observed in newspapers or magazines.
  9. Make a drawing or a photograph to illustrate one of the articles you have written.
  10. Know what a copyright means, how it is obtained, and for how many years it is given; and what is meant by libel and plagiarism.
  11. Hand set in type an announcement or brief article; or, help in the printing or mimeographing of the school, camp, or troop paper.
  12. Tell your troop about the qualifications and opportunities in the field of journalism as a vocation.
  13. Make a typewritten copy of one of your articles.
  14. Read a book or series of articles telling about how newspapers are made, the history of early newspapers, or the life of a famous journalist, and tell your troop about it.
  15. Read a newspaper regularly and keep a scrapbook of good examples of different kinds of stories, cartoons, headlines, and layout.
  16. Make a collection of the interesting newspaper words you have discovered while working on this badge. Play a quiz game based on the meanings of these words.

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