Home Nurse Badge



COMPLETED:  1/20/14


Do ten of the following, including the italicized requirements:

  1. Know how to select a room for the care of a sick person, and select one in your own home. Draw a plan showing its exposure, doors and windows, the way you would arrange lights and furniture, and equipment you would change or add. Demonstrate care of the sick room; dress and behavior of the person in charge.
  2. Be able to improvise or make the following: bed screen, ventilating screen, bedside light, night light, bed jacket, and small pillow.
  3. Demonstrate arrangement, placement, and care of the following: a bedside table, a medicine tray, a toilet tray for morning and afternoon care, a tray for a meal, a thermometer tray (show both mouth and rectal thermometers).
  4. Show that you know how to care for a mild infection, such as a cold, (a) when you are sick yourself, (b) when caring for another person. Know precautions to be observed, and why the patient should be in a room alone, have no visitors, and use special dishes. List equipment and supplies to collect or make for use of the patient.
  5. Show how to make a bed “hospital style,” and try this method on your own bed. Make or improvise a back rest, rings for relief of pressure, bed cradle or other device for lifting weight of bedclothes. Show how to keep a sick person comfortable in bed when laying flat and when sitting up.
  6. Know what precautions are needed when someone in the home has a communicable disease.
  7. Know the foods commonly included in liquid, soft, and solid diets. Prepare and serve a typical luncheon or dinner from each diet group.
  8. Make a child’s game or a craft kit to be used by someone who is confined to his bed.
  9. Make a list of safe and interesting things for the entertainment of someone recovering from an illness. Make or collect one or two of these.
  10. Study types of uniforms worn by nurses, and plan a simple type of dress for your own home nursing outfit.
  11. Discuss and dramatize scenes from the life of one of the following: Florence Nightingale, Sir Joseph Lister, Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch, or Walter Reed. Show how they contributed to health knowledge or nursing practices.
  12. Write or dramatize something about public health nursing, the work done by its nurses, and its service in or near your community.
  13. Demonstrate the preparation for use, application, and care when not in use of a hot-water bottle, an ice cap or an ice bag. Make or improvise a cover for one of these. Be able to set up a neat, orderly treatment tray for giving cold or hot compresses, inhalations, or gargles. Know why it should be a doctor who orders the use of these things for a sick person.
  14. Help plan a home-nursing exhibit, showing techniques and home-nursing scenes. Invite a speaker to talk on some phase of home nursing. Show your exhibit to another troop or present it at some community affair.

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