Foods Badge



COMPLETED: In progress


Do ten of the following:

  1. Discuss with your troop the effect of the following on foods people eat: building of railroads; invention of the steamship, refrigerated railroad car, automobile truck, airplane; and the growth of the commercial canning industry.
  2. On a map of the world, show where the major food crops are grown in greatest quantity. Point out the countries that raise enough food for themselves, that have food to export, that need to import. Discuss how all these factors affect the world food situation.
  3. With the help of a neighborhood grocer, set up a display of foods now readily available through the nearness of world markets, for example, bananas, dates, pineapples, cocos, salmon.
  4. Discover from where the materials come that make possible the packaging of the foods you buy, for example, tin for cans, paper for labels, dye for printing.
  5. Ask your family to try one or more vegetables or fruits in several of the following ways – fresh, canned, dried, frozen – so that you can compare cost per serving, taste, labor and time in preparation, and family preference. Talk over in a troop meeting what you discover.
  6. Copy or bring five examples of descriptive labels from food products for display at a troop meeting. Learn what information you should look for on a label to help you make wise selection.
  7. With the help of a meat dealer or other qualified person, learn how to select meat for various methods of cooking and which cuts give the best returns for the money spent. Know the name and how to recognize one cut for each method.
  8. Visit a place where fish is sold and list the kinds of fish, their sources, and cost. Find out ways of cooking them.
  9. Go through a dairy or milk processing plant to observe the processes through which milk goes. Find out what makes one kind or grade of milk better than other; what causes the difference in selling price.
  10. At a wholesale or produce market where eggs are handled, see how they are graded and stored to be kept fresh. Learn why eggs are not the same price the year round, and why they should be kept under refrigeration.
  11. Select ten favorite fruits or vegetables and make a calendar showing in which months of the year each is a good buy. Know in which months it is economical to eat them.
  12. Know six ways of preserving food and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  13. Learn how in the preservation of foods the food poisoning known as botulism can be prevented.
  14. Find out how to can acid foods, such as fruits, tomatoes, pickled beets, in a boiling water bath. With help, can one or more of the foods in season.
  15. Assist in the canning of foods, such as meats, vegetables, fish, poultry, and fruits, by means of a pressure cooker.
  16. Know why freezing is generally considered the preferred method for preserving foods. Visit a community or home freezing locker.
  17. Assist in preparing one of your favorite foods for freezing.
  18. Learn how at least two foods can be suitably stored in your climate in storage pits, basements, cellars, garages, or back yards.
  19. Find out how meats, fish, and some vegetables may be salted for preservation, and help in the salting process of one kind.
  20. Visit a community canning center.


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