Folk Dancer Badge



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COMPLETED: In progress


Do eight of the following, including the italicized requirements:

  1. Learn ten group dances of which four are American country dances, three folk dances from one country other than the United States, and if desired, the remaining three may be from different countries. Demonstrate in each dance the correct use of hands, arms, and body; know the names of the steps and meaning of any calls.
  2. With other members of your troop, give a folk dance party, inviting the boys of your neighborhood who like to dance, your fathers and mothers, or other girls, and teach at least one dance to your guests.
  3. Learn and demonstrate three of the following: the polka, schottische, jig, step-hop, and the peasant waltz.
  4. Learn to sing at least three folk songs that could serve as accompaniment to folk dancing.
  5. Find pictures of several musical instruments that are used for folk and square dance accompaniment, and, if possible, get phonograph records of them for your troop to hear.
  6. Find among the works of famous composers well known compositions based on folk dance music. Play some of these for your troop or play records of them.
  7. Learn to play at least four of your dance tunes on the piano, violin, accordion, shepherd’s pipes, or other instrument, and play for the troop to dance.
  8. Learn something about the way collectors of folk music discover and record tunes. Learn how the copyright law protects them and how it applies to you.
  9. Take part in a community or intercommunity square dance or folk dance festival.
  10. Make an appropriate costume for folk dancing.
  11. As a part of your community service, demonstrate your dances in a program presented for people in an institution, club, or other group.
  12. Demonstrate three different ways of dancing the polka as influenced by the country or the music.
  13. Learn at least three singing games and teach them to a group of Brownie Scouts or Brownie-age children.
  14. Attend, with your troop, an adult square or folk dance and watch several of the dances. Take part, if invited.
  15. Dance correctly one court dance, such as the minuet, the Viennese waltz, the Polish mazurka, or the polonaise. Learn how to make a curtsy.
  16. Make a design based on the floor pattern of a step or a conventionalized picture of a dance figure. Or, make a design suggested by a dance call, the name of the dance, or its music. Apply your design to a cover or case for music books or a bag for dancing slippers or some other object.
  17. Learn to call a simple square dance.

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