Explorer Badge



COMPLETED: In progress


Do six of the following, including the two italicized requirements:

  1. Go on five all-day exploration trips under proper leadership, using three or more different types of transportation.
  2. Explain how to read a road map, city map, geological survey map, chart, or timetable. Demonstrate your ability to use it by planning and going on a trip with your family or troop.
  3. Play stalking, tracking, trailing, and nature observation games until you can demonstrate on a trip your ability to move quietly and observe accurately.
  4. With another girl in your troop, learn or make up some method of sending and receiving long distance messages that would be useful in emergencies. Try it out by using it on one of your trips.
  5. Using a compass and conventional map symbols, make a map to scale showing the way to some place you are exploring; or, make a detailed map of the place itself.
  6. Learn to judge satisfactorily any three of the following: time, distance, weight, height, number. Demonstrate your skill in these on one of your trips.
  7. Help keep a log of at least one of your trips. This may include sketch maps, photographs, sketches, diary, or collections of interesting things found along the way.
  8. Help plan and present a campfire or other program based on famous explorations or lives of explorers.
  9. Organize your patrol as an exploration party with a leader, outfitter, navigator, cartographer, botanist, geologist, log keeper, photographer or artist, or any other jobs that seem appropriate. Choose some exciting, unfamiliar place you would like to know about and go exploring.
  10. Plan, with your group, an imaginary trip to another country or another region of the United States that you would like to explore. Include in your plans all you can find out about necessary preparations, routes, transportation, and possible adventures or emergencies you might meet along the way. Find out about Girl Scout or Girl Guide activities in the place you wish to explore.
  11. With your group, make a trip to a nearby historic site, discovering some of the folklore and colorful history associated with it and the surrounding locality. Make a record of it for your troop log.

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