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Oboe Redemption In D Minor and Other Moments of Musical Clarity

I owe the oboe an apology. Not just one singular, specific oboe, but all of oboekind. You see, in pursuit of the first requirement for the Music Appreciation badge, I started a listening log two months ago, tracking my thoughts on symphonic music. In one recent entry about Tomaso Albinoni’s “Oboe Concerto in G Min” […]

Lambs, Larks, and Cockroaches: A Folk Compendium

My friends hosted a half-Swedish, half-Danish holiday party the other evening and after being invited to sing a Swedish drinking folksong with one of the hosts, I decided it would be a great idea to co-opt part of the evening to knock out a few requirements for the ever-fascinating Music Appreciation badge that I’m working […]

Strung With Suspense: The Collaborations of Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Hitchcock

One of the more memorable scenes in Alfred Hitchcock’s masterful North By Northwest features a drunken Cary Grant set adrift in a moving vehicle by a nefarious band of spies. As he weaves down a winding cliffside road, perilously close to dumping over the edge into a roiling ocean, a chaotic soundtrack mirrors the on-screen […]

Gather ‘Round The Phonograph

I like to think that I appreciate music very, very much – after all, as a music licensor, it’s my job. So when I plucked the Music Appreciation badge from the hat as my November project, I was initially disappointed; I already spend at least nine hours of the day with headphones strapped to my […]