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I’ma Let You Finish…But

Even though I’ve since ventured into bee territory, I did have one last task completed for my Minstrel badge I wasn’t able to post yet. This was my final requirement: 10. Plan with others an entertainment based upon the life and work of one great composer, and put it on in your troop meeting or […]

Japan-o-rama…or the Minstrel badge home stretch

You want me to throw a party and it’s mandatory? Ok. Bring it on. 13. Find out about the customs, manners, and culture of one particular country, group of people, or section of our own country. Plan with others a party that takes its color and entertainment from some of the things it has contributed […]

When Cameron was in Egypt’s Land…Let my Cameron go.

Well hello. I’m back, with little time to spare seeing as it’s about to be August. This Minstrel badge is complex, and multi-faceted to say the least. I had some things left to tackle on the first requirement. 1. Learn and sing with others the following songs, and be able to give sources for them; […]

What the folk…and other minstrel puns

My my my. What an odd, fascinating, overwhelming, unusual, educational journey this has been so far. And let’s not forget racist. Here’s lookin’ at you, 1947. I kept re-reading the first mandatory requirement for my Minstrel badge over and over again, not quite knowing where to start. When I thought I was beginning to make […]

The Makings of a Minstrel (Badge)

First off, I’m delighted to finally be getting this project off the ground. Secondly, woof. This is tough stuff. I don’t know how these ladies did it back in the day without the internet. My first badge that I picked out of Shawnte’s fabulous floppy hat was the Minstrel badge. OK, well… First off, when […]