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Mariposa Dreamery

“Happy cheese comes from happy cows, and happy cows come from California.” No doubt you’ve heard that slogan if you’re a Californian…and resent that slogan if you’re a Wisconsinite. Being an open-minded Milwaukee girl myself, I was excited to dig into the world of California dairy for our Foods Badge because all dairy dominance discussions aside, […]

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride By Any Other Name…

Ah, the glory of morning, filled with the sun’s first rays, sweet cat snuggles, steaming  mugs of coffee, bursts of optimism, and bowls of warm oatmeal laced with delightful things like niacinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, and thiamin mononitrate. YUM! (I kid, I kid – those are B vitamins, folks.) There used to be a time when […]

Kick Out The Jams

I might eat an (overpriced) apple a day, but my true fruit love affair has always been with strawberries: dipped in chocolate, scattered with sugar, sliced on pastries, spread on toast, or just eaten plain, mother nature totally scored with this one. Therefore, I was insanely excited to learn how to make strawberry preserves (knocking […]

CSA = Conveniently Supplied Agriculture?

I’m not going to belabor my thoughts about Shawnté and I’s trip to Oak Glen, but I wanted to share my experience and aftermath of that fateful day we sought out some U PICK apples. Ok, let’s be real. I’ve blown so much more $ on non-local, non-organic crap. But for whatever reason, it wasn’t […]

Get ‘Em While They’re Good

Let’s talk more about them apples, why don’t we? This week, I strolled over to the Culver City Farmer’s Market to see how much it would cost to buy an apple – specifically a Fuji apple, the crunchy, sweet object of our weekend sticker shock. In Oak Glen, these cost us $1.25 apiece, which seems […]


Expectations versus Reality: The things we think should happen versus the things that actually do happen. This has been the theme of my week from start to finish – imagine something, visualize it, place it inside whatever box it belongs in…then watch that box get smashed to smithereens, for better or worse. As it was […]