Beekeeper Badge



COMPLETED:  9/16/13


Do ten of the following, including the italicized requirements:

  1. Know what constitutes a colony of bees and how it lives. 
  2. Know how nectar is gathered, stored, and how the honeycomb is built.
  3. Know what part the queen, drones, and workers play in the life of the colony.
  4. Be able to recognize and describe each of the following: queen, drone, worker, egg, larva, pupa, honey, wax, pollen, broodnest, comb, queen cells, beeglue.
  5. Assist in hiving a swarm, examining a colony, removing the comb, finding the queens, putting foundations in sections, filling and removing supers, and preparing honey in comb and strained for market. Be able to identify different parts of a hive.
  6. Know how to fix the hives for the winter months.
  7. Know which flowers afford the best food for bees, and how honey varies in color and flavor according to the flowers. Know effect, if any, of insect sprays on bees.
  8. Know how to keep from being stung by a bee and what to do for a bee sting.
  9. Know at least three recipes in which honey may be used in place of sugar.
  10. Read Maurice Maeterlinck’s Children’s Life of the Bee or some book or pamphlet on the bee, and tell your troop about it.
  11. Know something about the habits of wild bees and how you go about finding a colony of them.
  12. Know the value of having bees wherever plants are grown for food or for pleasure.
  13. Know how to introduce a new queen into a hive.
  14. Know what gear is necessary in beekeeping.
  15. Know the diseases of bees and some of the things that destroy colonies of bees.
  16. Use some of the information you have gathered, or produce you have raised, for a troop, school, church or synagogue, or other community service.
  17. Visit and, if possible, take part in your state or county fair.

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