The 1947 edition of the Girl Scout Handbook (Intermediate Program) contains ONE HUNDRED proficiency badges. These girls didn’t mess around. As much as we’d like to barrel through each and every one of them in a maniacal frenzy, we also have other things to accomplish in life, like work, travel, socialization, and feeding our respective cats. Therefore, we had to come up with some sort of system for figuring out which badges to tackle. After some gentle deliberation, we concluded that we wanted to choose at least some of the badges we’re working on, since we’ll probably be more motivated to work on things we’re interested in – but we also wanted some surprises in the mix. So here’s the plan:

  • We’ll each work on earning twelve badges over the coming year
  • We’ll try to get each badge done in roughly a month’s time, despite the fact that some Scouts work on their badges for what seems like time eternal
  • We’ll alternate between badges we choose, and ones we pick out of a hat
  • Each finished requirement has to be proven by either (a) presenting proof to one another or (b) posting to the blog

So there you go. Yes, we’re nuts…but it’s the cool kind of nuts…right? Update (12/9/13): We’re still committed to starting one new badge per month, but we’ve loosened up on the requirement to finish it within a month. We found that a) it’s actually quite difficult to meet all of the requirements in a month and b) we’re shortchanging ourselves on the experience by rushing through it.












All badge proficiency requirements listed on the individual badge pages are taken from:

Girl Scout Handbook Intermediate Program. New York: Girl Scouts Of The United States Of America, 1947. Print.

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