Monthly Archives: March 2014

Getting Cold Feet

Let’s be real – this winter, most of the United States has been absolutely hammered with foul, freezing weather while here in California, we shuffle around in our flip-flops, drinking margaritas and throwing frisbees. Sorry but not sorry, rest of the country. However, this warm, droughty situation also means that it’s been nearly impossible for […]

Trout Talk, Forest Ranger Sexism, and Pony Parties

Have you ever been to a fish hatchery? I had heard the words before, and knew these things existed, but had no idea how or why. For my Conservation Badge, one of the requirements was to visit a fish hatchery and to learn what your state and Federal government do to protect and increase fish […]

Trip Log: Faux Backpacking in Joshua Tree

Trip: Faux Backpacking in Joshua Tree Mileage: 6.0  // Time: 5 hours with lots of driving and breaks Hiking Party: Shawnté and The Pilgrim At the end of a long week, there’s nothing I love more than throwing an unnecessarily heavy pack over my shoulders and hustling my buns off to the desert. This may sound […]