Monthly Archives: December 2013

Gettin’ Dirty With The Treeples

Do you know how good it feels to jam your fists into some slightly warm, kinda moist, supremely dirty earth? Really, really good. That’s right: I like planting trees and I cannot lie. Baby. Got. Bark. I’ve always been a tree nerd. I grew up in Milwaukee, a lovely midwestern burg whose namesake County Parks system […]

Lambs, Larks, and Cockroaches: A Folk Compendium

My friends hosted a half-Swedish, half-Danish holiday party the other evening and after being invited to sing a Swedish drinking folksong with one of the hosts, I decided it would be a great idea to co-opt part of the evening to knock out a few requirements for the ever-fascinating Music Appreciation badge that I’m working […]

Nurse Jackée

I wanted to start by giving a shout out to one of my favorite ladies, Jackée, before getting medicinal on y’all. I admit to not knowing much about Home Nursing. If I do think about it at all, which I can’t say I do, it’s more being curious about homeopathic medicine, but I’ve never done […]

Strung With Suspense: The Collaborations of Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Hitchcock

One of the more memorable scenes in Alfred Hitchcock’s masterful North By Northwest features a drunken Cary Grant set adrift in a moving vehicle by a nefarious band of spies. As he weaves down a winding cliffside road, perilously close to dumping over the edge into a roiling ocean, a chaotic soundtrack mirrors the on-screen […]