Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign

I thought deciding what first badge to choose would be tough, but it seemed to choose me.

I was traveling in Poland for OFF Festival, and while I relaxed in the media area for a minute, I picked up a booklet stacked next to the festival guide called ‘Urban Gardening,’ (shown below). It talked about urban beekeeping, which planted the seed. I had wanted to learn about urban beekeeping in NYC, but never had the chance to. I also wanted to do something completely different than my last badge, hands-on, and out of my comfort zone if possible. I never realized how much I’d learn. Not even close.


I also saw THIS building while strolling through the streets of Krakow with my wonderful friend Laura:


The Oprah ‘Bees!’ meme had resurfaced on a popular blog at the same time, and I had also re-watched Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone‘ video again, and I realized she says ‘Honey Bee’ a couple of times (I know it’s just a coincidence – but still):

The opening sequence of The Naked And Famous’ new video for ‘Hearts Like Ours‘ – also bees.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 10.52.32 PM

Finally, this fine drink was left over from our Japan party:


I’m not crazy. All of this happened in the span of a week. Maybe I willed it upon myself unknowingly.

I set myself to task by researching LA beekeeping, and stumbled upon Chelsea and Rob McFarland, who call themselves The Backwards Beekeepers. They have a little spot in MoorPark where they keep their hives, called Honey Love Sanctuary, and their group, HoneyLove, is a nonprofit conservation organization with a mission to protect the honeybees and inspire and educate new urban beekeepers. I’m about to discover a whole new world of bees, and I’m excited.

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