Japan-o-rama…or the Minstrel badge home stretch

You want me to throw a party and it’s mandatory? Ok. Bring it on.

13. Find out about the customs, manners, and culture of one particular country, group of people, or section of our own country. Plan with others a party that takes its color and entertainment from some of the things it has contributed to the world, such as its songs, dances, legends, crafts, foods.

This isn’t the worst task I’ve been assigned, I admit. I decided to choose Japan as the country. Why? What can I say, Japan has been on my mind lately. Dojo Black Just-Olesen hosted a fine Japan-themed party this past weekend with an array of goodies to meet the requirements.

Here’s a brief summary:

Songs – we had Spotify play a fine smattering of J-Pop artists throughout the night.

TV/Film – we watched a variety of Japanese game shows, which were highly entertaining, as well as a ridiculous horror movie called ‘House,‘ which I need to watch again.

Foods – we got piles of fun and weird Japanese candy, which we overloaded on.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 1.20.48 AM

Foods – we made sushi with avocado, pickled radish, cucumbers, and mango!


Drinks – we had a variety of soft drinks, sake, and more

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 1.21.04 AM

Crafts – origami explosion! I finally made my first paper crane. Took forever! Once I make 1000 I’ll actually feel accomplished, since that’s standard.


Customs – one of our party guests brought a beautiful kimono, as well as a surprise ‘party can’ she got in Japan that contained a porno DVD, underwear, and a bunch of other really bizarre things in it. She had no idea what was in it when she bought it. She just signed up for ‘party in a can’ and that’s what she got. Wish I’d gotten a photo of it.


Culture – we played a rousing game of Buta no shippo, which is a Japanese card game that means ‘pig’s tail,’ and involves a lot of SlapJack/War type moves. It’s a lot of fun, as long as everyone keeps their nails trimmed.


More Culture – our guests also brought some other neat items. A friend of ours took a great photo when she was in Japan last, and made copies to give to everyone at the party. Another brought a clever vocabulary book on the Japanese language. So much to learn!


All in all the party was a success! I learned quite a bit. And Little Tokyo was hosting the Obon Festival at the Buddhist Temple this weekend, so we got to soak up some culture there as well. It was a very inspiring weekend.

Last task to go coming up. Whew.

One comment

  1. The party was a raging success! I’m still impressed that you managed to pull it off within a week of coming up with the concept – you’re a master of the social gathering, Brooke. Truly. I want to get better at the origami, too – although I’m not sure about this 1,000 cranes business. My bird looked more like a disgruntled mustache.

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