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PHOTOG PROFILE: Ashley West Leonard

To slip into the work of Ashley West Leonard is to take a disorienting journey down a fairytale noir rabbithole slathered in smudged eyeliner and stuffed with emptied gin bottles. She is a master storyteller of imperfect stories, capturing moments of loneliness, lust, and longing with a knowing mystic’s gaze. Her landscapes are rendered in […]

Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign

I thought deciding what first badge to choose would be tough, but it seemed to choose me. I was traveling in Poland for OFF Festival, and while I relaxed in the media area for a minute, I picked up a booklet stacked next to the festival guide called ‘Urban Gardening,’ (shown below). It talked about […]

I’ma Let You Finish…But

Even though I’ve since ventured into bee territory, I did have one last task completed for my Minstrel badge I wasn’t able to post yet. This was my final requirement: 10. Plan with others an entertainment based upon the life and work of one great composer, and put it on in your troop meeting or […]

Guess What My Next Badge Is…

More to come shortly…it’s National Honey Bee Day tomorrow!


There’s a sense of calm intrigue woven throughout the images created by Emily Shur. Her portraits are inviting, yet sly snapshots of briefly exposed ultra-personality, celebrity and otherwise. Shur’s landscapes and city vignettes are clean and uncluttered, but emotionally complex, leaving the viewer wondering what just happened here…or what is about to? Belongings, Enoshima What […]


Sita Kaylin’s photographs are at once eerie and erotic, sensual and spooky. She most often sets her gaze on the female form, creating surreal portraiture where instead of relying on Photoshop, she manipulates the camera itself to haunting effect. Her projection series (including “untitled,” above) takes this physical process a step further, with Kaylin slipping […]


One of the most fulfilling and fantastic aspects of Year Of The Scout is the human element: sharing thoughts, learning from conversations, and roping both friends and strangers into this crazy little project. During the previous thirty days, I bent the ears of various writers, interviewed an intrepid travel show host, and forced a zombie […]

I Owe It To Doug

That right there is a somewhat mediocre photograph of a decidedly unmediocre dog named Doug. I mean – it’s decent, right? But not terribly great. Doug and his very waggy pink tongue deserve more. Therefore, on behalf of all of the Dougs in the world, and because I am going to Africa very, very soon […]

Japan-o-rama…or the Minstrel badge home stretch

You want me to throw a party and it’s mandatory? Ok. Bring it on. 13. Find out about the customs, manners, and culture of one particular country, group of people, or section of our own country. Plan with others a party that takes its color and entertainment from some of the things it has contributed […]

When Cameron was in Egypt’s Land…Let my Cameron go.

Well hello. I’m back, with little time to spare seeing as it’s about to be August. This Minstrel badge is complex, and multi-faceted to say the least. I had some things left to tackle on the first requirement. 1. Learn and sing with others the following songs, and be able to give sources for them; […]