A Subtle Hint Of Total Freakout


Working on Year of the Scout is a lot like going back to school – there’s the learning and discovery, for one, but there’s also research, deadlines, gentle anxiety, and lots and lots of writing. It’s been a challenge to keep up with the whole shebang during this charter month, especially since I essentially missed out on the entire first week due to relaxing my brains out in leafy, lake-filled Wisconsin over the Fourth of July holiday, but here we are fast approaching our first imaginary (though not arbitrary) finish line.

Thirty days into this project, I’ve accomplished four of my eight objectives, and there’s a subtle hint of total freakout going on beneath the surface. I know exactly how I’m going to nail these last requirements (in fact, I’m about to blow your minds with a two-in-one right now), but I still have to sit down and do it.

Think, process, write. Think, process, write.

This would be hard enough even if I had 48 hours of complete nothingness ahead of me, much less work, social obligations (the first half of the shocking two-part Bachelorette finale wasn’t going to watch itself, guys), and preparations for my fast-approaching Kilimanjaro trip.

But the time spent on this project is worth it. I didn’t realize I’d start feeling such an emotional attachment to YOTS so early on, but I do. Part of it is that working on the Journalist badge stirred up memories of a time when I was a journalist, sweating over weekly deadlines, scurrying to uncover facts and form opinions. It feels good to flex those muscles, and I think that will stick with me for the next eleven months of this adventure.

But even more than that, it’s the people that bring meaning and emotion to YOTS. As you’ll see in my final “Journalist” post tomorrow, I interviewed several amazing people (some of them complete strangers to me), visited the Los Angeles Times building and newsroom, and enjoyed a dizzying number of fantastic conversations. Aside from the discovering and learning that goes along with the project, this human element is what makes this whole thing so special – it’s the chance to connect with other people, to share your story and to hear theirs, to learn from what they have to offer. I suddenly feel a lot more confident that if I drew the Beekeeping badge, I wouldn’t be in it alone.

So all sentimentalism aside, let’s get this show on the road. Here’s the newest installment of What’s That Scout Doin’ Now?, for better or worse:


That poorly typewritten movie review takes care of badge requirement #8 (“Write a review of a movie or play you have seen or a book you have read. Make the form of your review similar to those observed in newspapers or magazines.”) & #13 (“Make a typewritten copy of one of your articles.”) Woohooo!

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