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This Story Is Developing…

“I feel like heads would roll in copyediting.” That’s my partner-in-Scouting, Brooke Black Just-Olesen, as she eyeballs a metal plate laid out with intricately arranged tiny little letters, numbers, and blanks, used to create one single page of the Los Angeles Times. Well – formerly used to create one single page of the Los Angeles […]

A Subtle Hint Of Total Freakout

Working on Year of the Scout is a lot like going back to school – there’s the learning and discovery, for one, but there’s also research, deadlines, gentle anxiety, and lots and lots of writing. It’s been a challenge to keep up with the whole shebang during this charter month, especially since I essentially missed […]


On screen, a handsome, but weary-looking guy points to a pair of gnarly red volcanoes sprouting from his upper arm: “I have something living in these little wounds. We don’t know what that is, but we’re gonna pull on it.” With this, tweezers plunge into the bloody abyss and, mercifully, the camera cuts away, with […]

What the folk…and other minstrel puns

My my my. What an odd, fascinating, overwhelming, unusual, educational journey this has been so far. And let’s not forget racist. Here’s lookin’ at you, 1947. I kept re-reading the first mandatory requirement for my Minstrel badge over and over again, not quite knowing where to start. When I thought I was beginning to make […]


Today marked my virgin voyage to the shiny, new Silver Lake Public Library. I was in search of books, in search of newspapers, in search of some sort of journalistic truth or integrity or vague understanding. It should have been a bit of an ominous sign, then, when not five minutes after I arranged myself […]

The Makings of a Minstrel (Badge)

First off, I’m delighted to finally be getting this project off the ground. Secondly, woof. This is tough stuff. I don’t know how these ladies did it back in the day without the internet. My first badge that I picked out of Shawnte’s fabulous floppy hat was the Minstrel badge. OK, well… First off, when […]

I Would Prefer Not To

Like most people, there are things I want to do, and there are things I would prefer not to do. For instance: I want to visit Spain, but I prefer not to travel there by skateboard; I want to go to all of the wine festivals, but I prefer not to be the designated driver; […]

The Reason For The Season

Brooke and I met just under a year ago while being tossed around a particularly windy patch of New Zealand. We were part of a jet-lagged contingent speaking at the Going Global music conference and spent the week talking, listening, and laughing our way through Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch before departing Hobbitland for the Big […]